Testimonials for Carol Ann Manning, Au.D.

"I was very satisfied with Dr. Manning from my first visit. The office is clean and professional, and Dr. Manning listened to my hearing problems and helped me to choose the proper hearing aid for my particular needs. Her equipment is state of the art, and her expertise is excellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Manning."

—Elaine H., NH

"Dr. Carol Manning has been my audiologist since 2001, first in her Rochester office, and now in her centrally-located office on Weeks Crossing in Dover.

I have a considerable hearing loss in both ears. Throughout my years with her, Dr. Manning has been considerate of my hearing needs and has fitted me with hearing aids that work well and are long-lasting. The Unitron digital aids I wear now have made a tremendous difference in my hearing.

Dr. Manning has a warm, can-do attitude that can help me with any hearing problem. Her hearing tests, hearing aids and service are beyond my expectations.

She is a cheerful professional, who has time to listen to what is going on in my life.

I am most grateful to her, and I am proud to call her my audiologist."

—Richard H., Dover, NH

"I have been wearing hearing aids for 27 years. I've been fitted five times with new aids over that time span, and always found that they were of little improvement over the years, so they would spend most of their time in the hearing aid case, instead of in my ears. In 2009 I was referred to Dr. Carol Manning Au.D. by an existing patient. Dr. Manning's recommendation resulted in the appropriate aids for my hearing loss. I couldn't believe how much more I could hear, sounds that I haven't been able to hear in years. I wear my aids daily. I'm very happy with Dr. Manning, and highly recommend her."

—Donald L., Dover, NH

"I have been under Carol's care for about 5 years. She has provided optimal services for all my hearing needs. A perfect example was her immediate attention to solving a feedback whistling sound I was getting in particular musical environments. That was such a relief!"

—Ralph P., Somersworth, NH

"I have tinnitus in both of my ears as a result of unprotected hearing during my younger years when hearing protection was not mandated. What this means is that I always have a high pitched whining in both of my ears. It greatly affects the high frequency range of my hearing. For years my wife would ask me: 'Can you hear those crickets outside?' or 'Do you hear the frogs peeping outdoors?' To which sadly I would reply 'Nope, it all sounds the same to me.'

It never really bothered me until I recently went through a training course to become a Licensed Nurses Assistant. I was asked to go answer a chair alarm and I didn't even know that it was going off. I had to be at least 2 doors away from it before I could hear it. It was time to do something about my hearing and to do it before I got my license. I went to visit Carol Ann Manning for hearing evaluation and recommendation. The end results were wonderful.

I have a BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid (Unitron Moda II) and I cannot thank Carol and her staff enough for all they have done.

The day that I put it on was like a miracle. I left the office amazed by what I could hear: the sound of paper crumpling, keys jangling, but the best of all was when I stepped outside and for the first time in years I heard a bird singing in a tree. I stood in awe and wonder with tears of joy in my eyes as I listened to the sounds of nature. I must have stood there for about 3 full minutes, listening to everything: cars, the wind, the leaves rustling. Sounds that for years where dimmed. I may have stood there longer, but Carol came outside at that time to hand me my accessories that in my haste I had left behind. It's been a whole new world ever since. At first it was a lot to adjust to, the sound of water trickling, fans humming and the sounds of machinery at my place of employment. But now I cannot bear to be without my hearing aid, and am looking forward to my future vocation as an LNA where I have no doubt that I can hear the chair alarms. Oh, and yes I can hear the crickets now and the frogs peeping and one other thing: that darned digital wrist watch in the middle of the night that only my wife could hear.

I encourage anyone with even the slightest hearing difficulty to have your hearing checked, and don't miss out on as a poet would term 'The Music of Life'."

—Michael P., Farmington, NH