Carol Ann Manning, Au.D.


"Dr. Carol Manning has been my audiologist since 2001, first in her Rochester office, and now in her centrally-located office on Weeks Crossing in Dover..."


"I have been under Carol's care for about 5 years. She has provided optimal services for all my hearing needs..."

Dr. C.A. Manning

Dr. Manning is a licensed and Board Certified Audiologist who has worked in the field since 1978. She is a member of multiple professional associations and holds an audiology license in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

American Board of Audiology

What is an Audiologist?

An Audiologist is a state-licensed practitioner, researcher, or educator who holds Masters or Doctoral degrees in the field of hearing science and hearing disorders. They are trained in the prevention, identification and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders. In addition, they are required to complete a full-time, nine month internship and pass a demanding national board examination to obtain their professional certification. This specialized education, training and experience ensure that Audiologists are uniquely qualified to provide all aspects of hearing care. In fact, they are the most qualified professionals to provide comprehensive hearing evaluations, to determine if referral for medical treatment is indicated, to fit and adjust hearing instruments and to provide hearing rehabilitation services.